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"The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice." - Mark Twain


Episode 17

Published on:

8th Jul, 2022

Episode 16

Published on:

8th Jul, 2022

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Hacked History
Christopher Columbus was a confused and entitled captain who stumbled upon North America. Napoleon wasn't short. If you like learning new things about the stories and people you thought you knew, this podcast is for you!
Hello everyone,

My name is Lucas and my co-host Jake and I hope to provide you with a unique look at the stories and people that you thought you knew. Each week, we tackle a new historical figure and we examine the popular opinions surrounding that figure and we analyze whether those opinions are fair and historically accurate.

Amongst, all of the historical analysis is a good deal of silliness and it is not unusual for the podcast to get a little off track at times. Overall, we hope to provide you with a nice blend of silliness and relevant historical discussion.

We hope you enjoy our podcast!

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